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What Are You Chasing?

I was thinking today about something that Jesus told us in the gospel of Matthew. Jesus said to: “…seek ye first the kingdom of God and all things will be added unto you…” (Matthew 6:33) and it reminded me of a story that I would like to share with you.


There is a story told about a cat that discovered that happiness was in his tail. He kept trying over and over to get it, but all he could do was run around in circles. Exhausted and frustrated with this endless pursuit, he eventually stopped chasing his tail. And then, he discovered that if he'd just go on about his life, it would follow him wherever he went.


Sometimes we spend a good deal of time chasing something in our outer world that we think might make us happy – money, possessions, things, relationships. Eventually, we, like the cat, find that if we stop chasing the things and start moving in the direction of our hearts, in other words, “seeking the kingdom,” then the things take care of themselves.


So this week, ask yourself what would make your heart smile, what things are at the very heart of your being, and allow it/them to lead you in new directions. If you do, I trust that not only will you be happy, but all those things that were once illusive will be within your reach.


So this week, let’s let our prayer be: “Father/Mother God, help me to always seek first your Presence and Power and guide me in all that I do.”


As we affirm: “I open my heart to all that God is and I am blessed.”


Blessings...Rev. Bev