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Use It or Lose It

I had to laugh at myself the other day when I recognized an old pattern as it surfaced. I have a habit of buying new shoes or clothes and then not immediately wearing them. I guess it’s because of the way I was brought up. We didn’t have much and, so, whatever we got, we tried to hold on to for a long time. However, what happened was this. I had bought a pair of shoes and I hadn’t worn them for some time, evidently longer than I thought – you know, trying to keep them looking like new forever. Well, I decided to wear them. I put them on and, as soon as I started walking, the heels fell apart. What I realized was that the heels had dried out and so they crumbled when I walked on them. I have noticed the same kind of thing happen with clothes that have elastic in them. If I don’t wear the clothes for a while, the elastic breaks down. It’s as if the clothes and the shoes need to fulfill their purpose and, when they don’t, they wither and die in their own way.


As I got to thinking about this, I realized how much life is like this. We know that when we don’t use our muscles, they can atrophy; when we don’t use our minds, we can become forgetful; and when we don’t use Truth principles in our lives, our lives can sometimes get a little off track. Often, when we get a new insight, we may tend to keep it inside ourselves rather than using it, learning about it and sharing it in our world. If we don’t use what we have learned in our lives, we may find that our lives don’t flow as easily as we would like.


So the next time you catch hold of a new insight, use it, enjoy it and celebrate it in your world. These insights love expression and thrive on fulfilling their purpose.


So, this week, let’s let our prayer be: “Father/Mother God, show me what to do and how to do it so that my life flows in wondrous ways.”


As we affirm: “I am open and receptive and I express my Truth in my world.”


Blessings...Rev. Bev