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Spiritual Community

The Hawk and the Frog

I was walking my dogs, always a wonderful source of inspiration, and as we were walking there was a swishing sound that went right by my ear.  I turned to look and saw a hawk fly by me at a very low height.  As I looked I saw that the hawk had a frog in it's tallons.  It was a pretty big frog, in fact so big that it prevented the hawk from flying any higher.  As we walked along we saw that the hawk had landed near a pond, though he still had the frog tightly in his grip.  He turned and saw us coming and he tried to fly away, but again he couldn't get the height he needed.  He tried several times, still no success, but he had hold of that frog.  Then, coming up behind him was another dog.  The dog was tethered and couldn't have reached the hawk, but the hawk didn't know it.  So the hawk looked at us and then he turned and looked at the other dog and then back at us, then back to the other dog---all the while holding on to the frog.  He tried to fly again and couldn't.  Finally in desparation, the hawk let go of the frog, the frog jumped in the pond and the hawk flew away.  All was well.


So this week, think about whether or not you are holding on to something that you might need to let go of.  Sometimes we forget that letting go is an option.  When we do let go, like the hawk, we are then free to soar to greater heights, get a different perspective and make different choices.


So, as we go through our week, let's let our prayer be one of harmony: "...God, Your loving light permeates my life with peace. Thank You for guiding me into the light of understanding, acceptance, and love..."


And let us affirm: "...God within me is a spirit of love. I express this love as peace, unity, and harmony..."


Blessings...Rev. Bev