5124-108 Departure Dr. Raleigh, NC 27616      (919) 870-7364              Sunday Celebration - Adults and Children 10:30 AM 


A Positive, Uplifting

Spiritual Community

Celebration Services

Each Sunday morning at 10:30am our congregation gathers to celebrate our connections to the Divine within, our Christ selves.  These services have been made available online in a variety of formats for those that are unable to join or just to hear again.  The unique and uplifting messages give us support and insight to move forward on our Spirtitual journey.  Select an option below to access our Celebration services through either audio or video and enjoy the message.  

Audio Services

Find current year and previous year archives of our services here ready to stream right through your computer.

Video Services

Interested in seeing the action?  Click here to find a listing of our services in video format on our webiste and YouTube channel.

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Inspirational Stories

Sometimes you just need a good reminder.  These short written insights from our own Rev. Bev, provide an encouraging reframe for your day helping you to rest and find just a slightly different perspective.  You can find them here.

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