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A Positive, Uplifting

Spiritual Community

Our Ministries:

Prayer deepens our connection with the living, loving presence of God – inspiring, comforting, guiding, healing and celebrating ourselves and our lives.


Prayer is a way of life, a way to move through life with peace in our hearts. Prayer is a tool, which we use to build our awareness of God within us and all around us – and to bring ourselves closer to God. And it is this awareness of God’s presence that keeps us poised and centered in times of challenge.

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The purpose of the Volunteer Ministry Teams is to serve the needs of the members and attendees of the Unity Church of Raleigh. The Ministry Teams function as extensions of the Unity Church of Raleigh with support and encouragement from the minister, staff and board. Ministry Teams provide a means for Volunteers to use their special talents to carry out the vision of the Unity Church of Raleigh.


The goals of the Volunteer Ministry are:  


  1. To promote a safe, empowering environment for people to contribute their time and use their spiritual gifts in loving service and support of our spiritual community.


  2. To provide opportunities for people to recognize the Christ Spirit in themselves and others.


  3. To provide opportunities for making a commitment to our own growth, the growth of this ministry and the spiritual awakening of the universal family.


  4. To allow us to experience the joy of giving and receiving an abundance of love and blessings.


  5. To provide a way for people to participate more fully in their spiritual community and to do so in a way that is meaningful to themselves and Unity Church of Raleigh.


  6. To provide loving support and a sacred field for all services/special events/activities.

Step into the classrooms of Unity Church of Raleigh and you can feel the energy–of God and our youth. At UCR, it’s a beautiful combination. Our children are open and eager for Unity’s message of love, peace and joy, and our trained, loving Sunday School teachers deliver those powerful messages using a sanctioned Association of Unity Churches International curriculum carefully targeted to the various learning levels of our children–pre-K through high school.  


Our cheerful classrooms are fully stocked with arts n' crafts materials, books, pictures, New Thought music and, most important of all, smiling faces. Our mission? To provide a dynamic environment that inspires children to discover their greatness through their connection to God, one another and the planet, empowering them to lead joy-filled and authentic lives.

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Spiritual education is a central theme for our ministry and you can always find a class being provided.  From weekly spiritual classes to workshops and book clubs, you can find the perfect way to become involved for your Spiritual walk.