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Guest Speaker:

Peacemaker Mark Siljander


Thursday evening

September 14, 7:00 - 9:00 p.m.

Tickets: $20.00





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Congressman Mark Siljander skillfully blends 30 years in America’s political power circles as a man of faith. His journey includes life shaping stories beginning with his travels to over 145 countries. His private interactions with major political and religious world leaders, especially in conflict hotspots around the world, have gripped audiences as they compellingly defy the status quo of traditional diplomacy. Many of these stories are recounted in his award-winning book, A Deadly Misunderstanding.


Follow Mark’s personal story of spiritual transformation from an anti-Muslim, right-wing, war-hawk to a pioneer of unique international peacemaking. His bridge-building efforts were acknowledged by former Secretary of State Madeleine Albright, who publicly recognized his, “…efforts toward a more just, humane and peaceful world,” with the presentation of Mohandas  K. Gandhi International Peace Award in 1996. Today, Mark is continuing his international peacemaking efforts as president of Bridges To Common Ground.


“We live in troubled times. All around us, intolerance and religious tensions are on the rise… Mr. Siljander builds a compelling case that any faithful reading of religion and it’s teachings should serve to unite, not divide… With this important new work, Mr. Siljander has courageously stood up to be counted.”


UN Secretary General, Ban Ki-MOON

Times of great change challenge us to find our center in the midst of seeming chaos. The spiritual practice of finding peace right where you are, in the midst of any situation has been the prescription of master teachers through the ages.


Unity is echoing this centuries-old practice during World Day of Prayer 2017, calling for “Peace in the Midst.” We’re engaging people all over the world with renewed spiritual energy to Pray Peace…Be Peace…Do Peace.

world day of prayer 2017


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September 14, 2017