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A Positive, Uplifting Spiritual




Introduction to the Foundations of Unity

Facilitated by Rev. Larry Henson

Sunday, June 11, 12:30 - 2:30 p.m.

* Free Session * Free Childcare


This fascinating session provides an overview of our wonderful Unity faith walk. It will cover everything from our 5 Principles to how we view heaven and hell, Unity's approach to the afterlife to the power of thought, our perspectives on prosperity to what it is to walk this spiritual path. Bring your questions and join the discussion! Those wishing to learn even more can join the Foundations of Unity class, six Sunday afternoons, June 25 through July 30. There is a weekly love offering and a book for the six-week class. Sign up at church, online at or by contacting (919.870.7364).




Foundations of Unity Class

Facilitated by Rev. Larry Henson

Sundays, June 25 - July 30 * 12:30 - 2:30 p.m. *$15 Love Offering

+ $30 book/materials fee * Free Childcare

This fun and interactive class will explore the history of Unity--who and what shaped it and made it the profound and powerful faith walk it is today. We'll come to understand the 5 Unity Principles, learn the three-fold nature of God and examine Spirit's divine paradoxes (principle and personal, immanent and transcendent, masculine and feminine, law and grace). We'll practice affirmative prayer, denials and affirmations; dig into the metaphysical teachings of Jesus Christ; practice the law of manifestation, and create an action plan to support you in your spiritual growth. A basic tenet of Unity is to provide tools to expand spiritual growth, yet we leave it up to individuals to choose what they want in their spiritual life. No concepts or teachings are thrust upon anyone; open dialogue and introspection are welcome. Sign up at church, online at or by contacting

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