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Our popular Saturday Breakfast Book Club is studying the books contained within Neville Goodard's The Power of Imagination Treasury.  We are currently studying the book, Prayer: The Art of Believing.


Come learn first-hand in our vibrant and connecting book club what Roy Eugene Davis cites:  "Neville Goddard was one of the quietly dramatic and supremely influential teachers in the New Thought field for many years. In a simple, yet somehow elegant one-hour lecture, Neville was able to clarify the nature of God and God’s relationship to every person.  He spoke of God in intimate terms as though he knew God very well, which he did."


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$10 Love Offering * Free Childcare *


The Power of Imagination

4th Saturday Breakfast Book Club

Next Meeting 6/23/18

the Power of Imaginaion

Christian Healing Class * Five Tuesdays, May 22 - June 19

* 1:00 - 3:00 p.m. * Love Offering

Instructor: Al Henderson, LUT Candidate


Are you ready to set in motion new thought currents that will open for you a spiritual path to new revelations of God-Mind? Join us at 1:00 p.m. on five Tuesday afternoons starting May 22 in our exploration of the book Christian Healing by Unity co-founder Charles Fillmore. In this foundational Unity class, we'll learn how to use the simple rules of denial and affirmation to live life more abundantly.


This class is offered on a non-credit, love offering basis. See the sign-up sheet at church to participate and request a book.  The first seven registrants will receive a special mystery gift.

Christian Healing